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When Should You Have A Dental Crown Replaced?

Dental Crowns essentially require replacement after every 10 to 15 years, even though several factors determine their life. While the crowns are quite durable dental restoration, they are not resistant to wear and tear over time. They can chip, crack, or break without proper care and maintenance, reducing their durability or functionality.

You might need to have a dental crown replacement for several reasons. Understand the warning signs that indicate your need for replacing dental crowns to protect your dental health.

Signs That Your Dental Crowns Need Replacement

Here are the signs for crown replacement when it is required as soon as possible –

1. Age of the Crown

Generally, dental crown longevity ranges from 5 to 15 years, depending on the material used and how well they are cared for. They are not permanent. The tooth’s crown may become less efficient at defending the tooth as it ages. Your dentist may suggest a new crown if your current crown is approaching the end of its anticipated lifespan to maintain tooth protection.

2. Wear and Tear

Chewing pressure, bruxism, injury, or acidic foods and drinks can cause dental crowns to corrode. The damaged dental crown must be replaced to regain normal alignment and functionality since excessive wear can cause an uneven bite. You might need emergency dental care and urgent crown replacement if it is damaged due to injury.

3. Loose Crown

If you feel that your crown is slipping, this is quite concerning. When a crown is loose, germs can infiltrate below and cause decay and even harm to the tooth’s underlying structure. To avoid additional issues, your dentist will likely advise replacing the crown.

4. Tooth Decay

The tooth’s edges, where the crown meets the tooth, might be susceptible to decay even if the crown covers the tooth. If you notice damage around the edges, it is a sign that the crown is no longer correctly fitted and must be replaced to stop more decay and potential harm to the tooth beneath.

5. Pain and Swelling

A problem underneath the crown, such as an infection or nerve damage, may be indicated by persistent pain, discomfort, or swelling near a tooth with a crown. Your dentist recommends replacing the crown after addressing the underlying issue to avoid future issues.

6. Cosmetic Reasons

Crowns may need to be replaced for cosmetic reasons. If your crown is discolored, poorly fitted, or has changed the appearance of your neighboring teeth, you can have a replacement to make your smile look more attractive.

It is essential to have regular dental checkups and dental crown evaluations, follow a good oral hygiene regime, and have a healthy, nutrient-rich diet to protect your oral health and general well-being.

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